Sunday, June 13, 2010

Lazy Summer Sunday Afternoon

Went to church, had lunch with friends, my weekly trek to the paint store for supplies, so I can use their coupon. I'm all about saving, but I'm a terrible spend thrift. Back home at the lake now with the sun shining and the mahogany leaves of our Red Maple moving slightly in the gentle breeze. I feel like I'm in a tower, my very own tower where I can do whatever I wish for as long as I wish. What a delicious feeling.

I've just finished the second pirate story in my Pirate trilogy and have the third one outlined and ready to start writing. The characters are fun and a little crazy. Charlie's all about survival and Jackson is just plain pissed off because the woman he'd been screwing and planning to marry has decided to marry someone else. It's not love at first sight when Jackson and Charlie meet, but it is first lust. Whoo, hope I can get them to behave - or not, which would be more fun.

So my lovely week is planned out ahead for me. I'll go to the gym in the morning for water aerobics and go to my paint class in the afternoon, make a salad for my husband and me and write my little head off. Lovely week ahead. My little companion Tsih Tzu will most likely be at the foot of the twin bed looking out the window guarding his domain. He thinks this feels like being in a tower too.

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