Thursday, April 29, 2010

How to get yourself in a lot of trouble!

Wow, what a lot of fun I've been having. Sold three books, working to get the third one completed. In the meantime, having to do edits on a computer system that's new to me. Learning a lot about using the computer, but still way behind on what I need to know.

Today I have to put away my computer and do some normal stuff, like clean out my refrigerator (a must) something died in there and when I open the fridge door I have to open windows. It shouldn't be too hard to find the culprit because the fridge is nearly empty. Another chore. Go shopping. Then I'm not even going to talk about the floors that need vacuuming, the tv that needs dusting and a bunch of other stuff. At least I've kept up with the dishes and the laundry. I hate having dirty dishes around because I know who has to clean them and I do like clean underwear so that's a priority for mine.

So today I'm off to the stores to spend money I don't really have and then it's a day of clean, clean, clean. Tomorrow I'll reward myself by going to critique where I'll hear what other writers are working on and get their opinion on my own work. We'll exchange ideas and share information about the writing world and all the while we eat and drink and are otherwise merry. We go to a wonderful Italian place that has great food and lets us sit in a corner for hours with only occasional refills. I guess putting away my computer for a day is not so bad after all.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hard Night's Day

The edits are coming in for my book with Ellora's Cave called DIRTY LITTLE SECRETS and it has been an amazing experience, simply because of the scope and volume of their editing technique. I think my work is not that big of a problem, it's learning to use their system. They've sent me a couple of hundred pages of material I should know on how to go about this.

I always bragged I was a computer illiterate, but I'm doing a bragging of a different sort after today. I'm going to be very savvy when I finish with this. My editor did tell me to send in the manuscript THE BLISS SHOP, so when I finish all this other stuff, I'm going to do this. Amazing.

I've always told young writers, Your problems aren't ended just because you get published, that's when they really begin! Am I complaining? Not one bit. I'm happy to have reached this destination.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Freakin' Friday and Oatmeal Cookies

Okay, so contracts are signed and I've told everyone and been congratulated and now everything is back to normal, kind of. I'm busy working on my second Pirate Story which is due in mid May. It's going well and I really like it but am having to fight those doldrums that side track my best intentions. This is the reality of writing. Those moments when the words come and you can barely keep up with getting them on the page and those days when you tell yourself it's going to be a good day and it's not. You have to push yourself to keep going. Sometimes, that's the only thing you can do, sometimes, you have to give it up and paint a picture, because your creative outlet is bent that way at the moment.

Tomorrow we will be going to a funeral, going to a Bridal Shower and going out to dinner with a good friend. I'm glad it ends on such a positive note. Certainly, the day will run the gamut of life, from that of a young bride to be, to death, that of a 95 year old woman who lived a full active life. I believe in a here after but still it's a downer. I guess I just have to find solace in today, Freakin' Friday when my family came and I got to kiss on little 18 month old Wednesday and 7 year old Christian. Christian is wearing glasses and has his two adult teeth in the front, which are a little bigger than the rest, so this beautiful golden child who has delighted my heart since I held him in my arms when he was just a few minutes old, suddenly looks like a more grown up little boy, a brainiac, a complete person in his own right. Then there's Wednesday, who doesn't know she's still a baby. Her face is bruised and scratched because she fell down the porch steps at her house, but there's that great big Irish grin of hers as she runs off to drive her little car or chase the cats.

Yeah, I can handle tomorrow because I'll remember today and the people I love and accept that I'm caught somewhere in that loop of life and death and I'd better enjoy every moment of it, because it goes way too fast. So I'll munch another fresh-baked loaded oatmeal cookie and contemplate getting back to my French heroine who has fallen smack in love with a handsome Pirate captain. Freakin' Fridays are not bad after all.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Terrific Tuesday

Today I signed my contract with Ellora's Cave for DIRTY LITTLE SECRETS. I'm so glad this book sold. Billie is one of my favorite characters. She's tough and resilient and smart. She doesn't whine or cry, she just gets busy and figures out solutions to her problems.

That's a great attitude especially when you have members of the Detroit mob after you and you're giving in to some heavy duty sexual attraction to a good looking, street smart Detroit Homicide cop. Whether she's conning someone out of thousands, dodging bullets, blowing up cop cars, fighting off the Hounds of Baskerville or finding out the Dirty Little Secrets of state politicians, Billie does it with panache and her own brand of class.

The second reason Tuesday was so terrific, I had a beautiful little 18 month old visiting me today. She fell asleep in my lap and I got to kiss and kiss on her. Tuesdays are good!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

I Was Here First

Having a guest stay more than three days is the same as stubbing your toe and going to the hospital and finding out it's broken. Sure you're going to get over it but you're going to have an unpleasant time for awhile.

Having my teen-aged grandson stay a week and a half was like a toothache that wouldn't go away. While he was here, sleeping on the twin bed in my computer room, he scattered his clothes everywhere, left half-empty pop cans everywhere, even near my computer, left dirty dishes in the living room and didn't shower as often as he should have. He stayed up most of the night and slept all day. If the dog barked, he came down complaining, if anyone did anything that he didn't like he told us.

Unable to get to my desk and computer, I set up a temporary office on the kitchen counter. The first day he came down and asked if I were going to work there. I affirmed I was and he said he wanted to work there. He didn't want to work upstairs alone in the office. I pointed out the coffee table in the living room was free, but he said he wanted to work up high like on the kitchen counter. After each statement, he waited for me to respond he could work there, that I would move.

Now I'm at heart a nice person, accommodating, thoughtful, make everything alright for everyone around me, if at all possible, but sometimes you have to take a stand. So I tilted my chin and said very sweetly. I was here first!

We, women one and all, usually don't do that. We give in. We don't stick up for our own rights. My grandson wasn't offended, he shrugged and went away. Later I told him he could bring his computer and set it up next to me and that's what he did. We sat side by side, talking, blogging and e-mailing. It was fun and it occurred to me that if I'd given in and moved my computer elsewhere, I would have felt ill used and resentful and Eric and I wouldn't have had that moment together.

So it's okay to say, I was here first. I count too.

As for my grandson's visit. Before he left he came downstairs and leaned against the kitchen counter while he looked all around and said. "You know this house is always the same. it never changes." A little miffed, I tried to sort out what he meant. Was he saying we were boring. I asked, "Do you mean it's a stable house?" He replied. "Yes, it never changes. Whenever I come here I know it will be exactly the same. It makes me look forward to coming."

That so touched my heart. So while I'm picking up the single sock he left behind and gathering up the pop cans and putting the dishes in the sink and changing sheets and airing out the room, I'll smile because I learned two things while he was here this week. One that it's okay to say, I was here first and secondly, it's okay to stay the same. There's merit in sameness.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Good Times Keep Coming!!

Second Saturdays are always special to me. That's the day our writing group meets at a restaurant in Grand Ville. We share news about each other, the market, writing and anything else we think needs to be said.

This time when I walked in, everyone congratulated me, cool people. Then Michele called me over and informed me Resplendence wants to buy the second book in my Pirate Series. Wow! I was just kind of numb and said, Oh, okay. As if it happened every day! I keep telling myself, put your feet on the ground and start thinking of the work needed to produce a marketable product, but it's not a daunting thought at all. Writing is fun! I like doing it! I like that other people like when I'm doing it!!!

So I go to bed tonight with a smile on my face. It's good to be back in the game. Except that the rules are different now and I have to play catch up to a totally different approach, except that it starts in the same way as before. It starts with writing a book that someone wants to buy, then helping to put the word out there so other people will want to read it. It's a tough market with a lot of people out there trying to make money with their writing. Competition is tough, but part of the fun, if you're winning! I'm starting out with realistic expectations, so anything above that will be a wonderful surprise.

So, I'll just tell any one of the hundreds of people who sign on to my blog every day who marvel at my witticisms and intelligence, My first book will be out July 20, 2010. I'll get the pub dates to you on the others as quickly as I can. It's going to be a busy summer!!

Friday, April 9, 2010

I can't believe this!!!

What a week! I got up this morning and got online and there was an e-mail from Ellora's Cave. They bought my humorous, erotic, Romantic Suspense called DIRTY LITTLE SECRETS!

That makes two books in a week. I'm loving this! It's so exciting. I sent out four books and so far have sold two of them. I was such a whimp for so long, afraid to send anything out after so long a time since my last sale. This has certainly taught me a lesson, to never give up! Keep up your courage! Believe in yourself, even if others don't. Or they might but you don't so you don't believe that they believe. Know what I mean?

This has been a difficult week with a house guest so I couldn't get to my computer and research books. The computer room serves as a guest room as well. I've been reduced to working on my laptop on my kitchen counter. It hasn't been so bad. in fact I like being able to sit down and sign online without running upstairs. Maybe I just like being in the middle of everything or the change of scenery.

So now I have to start thinking about rewrites and editing and promoting. Some of this is drudgery, some of it's just plain fun. Writing is all highs and lows. I must be crazy to do it, but once you start, you can't stop.

Just in case no one has figured it out yet, I love it!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hot News Flash

July 20. 2010
That's it, my new pub date, for VIRGIN PIRATE. Contracts have been signed!! Hooray!!

This is so exciting. Haven't signed a contract for ten years, so this is really exciting!! Woo hoo!!! What more can I say at this moment? I'm happy.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Rainy Tuesday

It's dark and gloomy outside, but I don't care. I'm reading Brynn Paulin's Two Plus One and it is sizzling hot! Holy Cow! Never thought I'd consider being the filling in a great big old sandwich but she makes it sound very interesting.

I'm almost glad for the coming storm and the predicted rain. I won't have to go out and rake. I can stay inside and write on my own sexy stuff. I just finished the first chapter and the characters are coming alive for me. The hero, Black Hawk is an embittered Scottish Lord who's had his family fortunes taken away from him and has lost his young bride who betrayed him in the first place. So he's turned to piracy to destroy his enemy and regain his fortune.

The heroine is a young French woman, Abella Roche, sailing to Spain to marry the English Ambassador, Burgess Lindleigh, Black Hawk's sworn enemy. Black Hawk plans to take his revenge on the poor girl and I can hardly wait for the next chapter to see exactly what he has in mind. Well, I know what he has in mind, but sometimes when you're writing a scene, your characters take over and behave their own way. Though Abella is a dainty, French mademoiselle, all curls and lace, she packs a mean punch. She's already given the hero a bloody nose and caused him to fall flat on his ass, now she's scheming as to how she can get herself and her maid free of this man.

Black Hawk doesn't trust women anymore and I don't think Abella will make it any easier for him!! Fun to write!

Anyway, that's my agenda for this gloomy Tuesday. I just hope there's not a lot of lightning so I have to turn off my computer. Of course my laptop is on a battery. Hey, I'm good to go.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Morning After

Well, boys and girls, it's the morning after our BIG Easter week-end. I'm soooo tired. Ate too much, went to a lot of church and had lots of company and now things are back to normal. Got my kitchen back in shape, my house in order, a load of wash in, edited a first chapter and sent it off to an editor/friend who wanted to see it and even made my paint class and was very pleased with my painting this week!! Super Woman, here I am.

My goals for this week are to go back on a diet, write three chapters on my latest writing project, get out my summer clothes and get my flower beds raked. I have flowers pushing up through the leaves I didn't get raked up last fall. Spring is such a super time, but there are just too many chores to do, especially when you live on a lake.

I think another reason I feel so good is that I just found out one of our neighbors, a horrible man and wife, are moving back to Chicago. Yay! Chicago can have you!!! So life looks great as we move into summer. I hope it's the same for all of you as well. Have a magnificent Monday and good whatever you're doing!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Thriving Thursday

Wow what a day yesterday was. I'm so excited about my book sale. It was a pirate story. Remember, I said I loved pirate stories. I wasn't kidding. I love those old classic pirate movies from the fifties and sixties expecially when they got to be in Technicolor! When one comes on I head for the couch with a bowl of popcorn or a snickers bar for ninety minutes of pure enjoyment. I think that's why Pirates of the Carriabean was so popular, just pure swashbuckling entertainment.

The Virgin Pirate is the name of my book and is the story about Nellie Bouchard who was born to a captured noblewoman and a pirate captain. She's known no other life than that of a pirate. When her father was hanged, she took over his ship and has become nearly as infamous as he was.

But beautiful, fiery Nellie wonders about a different life, a life where something more exists between a man and a woman than the unfeeling matings she's witnessed between her men and their doxies. When she captures Lord Trey Carlyle, he's all too willing to teach her what she wants to know and in return he'll take her ship. He hasn't counted on the fact that he can learn a thing or two from a Virgin Pirate.

I'll post the date of its release. I hope you all will enjoy it. As for now, I have to get back to work on my current book. HER PIRATE LOVER. Very sexy. Very romantic. I won't be posting on Freaky Friday. Hope you all have a great Holiday.