Thursday, September 23, 2010

October is a Happy Month

Hi Everyone.
I can hardly believe September is nearly over and October with all its color and excitement is right around the corner. October is doubly exciting for me. I have not one but two books coming out.

The first is the sexy, beautiful love story, HER PIRATE LOVER, the second in my Pirate Booty series. I love this story, because it has a pirate captain, Black Hawke, who plans to use the innocent, virginal and very beautiful Frenchwoman, Abella Roche as a pawn in his scheme for revenge, but Abella, who is brave enough to throw aside her very life for a few weeks of happiness in the arms of a pirate, teaches him that love is stronger than revenge. Check out the sexy cover for HER PIRATE LOVER.

The second book for October is a funny paranormal about a small town librarian, Molly Prescott, who's bitten by a vampire, and Matthew Stanislaus, a Rumanian Vampire Slayer who tries to save her, but knows in the end he may have to kill her. Together they try to fight off vampires who want to kill Molly and harvest her DNA, and members of a Holy Order sworn to eradicate Vampires from the earth, all this without falling in love, but it's too late. Check out the cover for this one. What run!


  1. Temple, the covers are hot and the books sound like they will be too! Can't wait 'til they come out.

  2. Aren't the covers terrific? I love them both! What fun!

  3. I do love the use of the gun!
    W.S. Gager