Friday, May 10, 2013

Hey the last of my Scottish Love Songs is out.  It's titled THE LAIRD'S DAUGHTER and I think this is one of my favorite books of all time that I've written, certainly the favorite of the three book series.  This book has lots of action and wonderful characters, a brave and handsome hero, a beautiful and courageous heroine, terrific secondary characters and a fierce and vicious villians that get their comeuppance. 

Am I bragging too much?  Well, it's hard not to.  Like a proud mother hen with her amazing little chicks, I want to show them off.  I want people to discover them and be as impressed as I am.  As a writer, we just can't take credit for our H/H because they take over the story and move it where it needs to go.  That's part of the fun of writing.  Getting to know about these interesting, fantastic people who fill up their whole world and for a time, yours as well. 

Let me tell you a little something about them.

Anna is Laird Ewan MacDougall's eight year old daughter when she sees her father murdered and beheaded by Archibald Campbell.  Only the quick action of the priest, Father Cowan saves her life. At first, unable to speak from the shock of all she's seen, Anne is mute.   Eventually, she regains her voice, but continues with the goose girl disguise and becomes the leader of her broken clan, leading them to battles against Baen, Archibald's right hand man, who's harshness toward her clansmen has caused them to hate and rebel against the man.

Rafe Campbell has been called on by his uncle to help put down uprisings by the clansmen he rules.  When he arrives at Dunollie, the castle once held by the MacDougalls, he's appalled at the poor conditions of the villagers and their lack of crops and cattle which is a sure indication of hunger in the winter months.  But Rafe must face other problems, when Baen challenges him and gathers his own army to go against Dunollie.  Rafe finds a surprising friend in Annie the mute and crippled goose girl.  And he finds desire such as he never expected when he comes upon a beautiful woodsprite.

This book has many twists and turns.  It was fun to write and has a wonderful romantic ending.  Now I have to leave these favorite characters behind and get to work on my next project which is a complete change of pace.  Leaving the Historical genre behind, I'm writing a story of Maxie Donovan, a fancy lingerie retailer who's life is in danger because she witnessed a murder.  Only a Gerard Butler look-a-like lawyer can save her, but who's going to save him from Maxie?   .

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