Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Exciting News

I have so many projects in the fire, that I've neglected many things along the way. Unfortunately, one of them was my blog. I want to tell you all about what I've been doing.

First of all,I sold ten books at one time and have been hard at work on those. I've also had my first pirate trilogy, called PIRATE'S BOOTY come out in print. The book looks fantastic. They used the cover shot from my first book in the series, called THE VIRGIN PIRATE and it's beautiful and sexy Besides THE VIRGIN PIRATE, HER PIRATE LOVER, AND THE PIRATE BRIDE are also in the trilogy. The books are available at ResplendencePublishing.com, ARe publishing and at Amazon.com and best of all, if your budget can't swing the print book, they're still available in e-books. So read your heart out.

Now as for what I've been working on. I'm revisiting the Pirate Booty Series, by adding three more books. The first one is already out, called THE BLACK PIRATE a tale based on some fact. Under Benjamin Franklin's orders, Caleb Howard is in charge of several ships who sail to Ireland to capture as many British ships and prisoners as possible so they can trade for American prisoners, one of them is Caleb's brother. Along the way they rescue a shipwrecked Irish lass and her wild wolf dog, who join the American pirates.

The second book in the series is finished and going through edits. It's called THE PIRATE PRINCE, definitely a departure from my normal pirate stories. This one is set in the Indian Ocean and involves a Mogul Prince from India and a Persian Princess who sails to India as the bride of his brother, who has poisoned their father and stolen the fabulous Peacock Throne. Again, this is loosely based on facts. Lots of intrigue, excitement and sex.

The next book in the series is the one I'm working on now. It's called A PIRATE'S KISS about a buccaneer who has papers from the English government to infiltrate the pirates plaguing England's shipping lanes, especially Captain Kidd. He finds himself with a missionary on his hands, a woman on her way to India to join her father in his mission. She seems to spend every waking hour on her knees. He can think of better things for her to do on her knees than pray, but tries to respect her calling until he realizes how beautiful and desirable she truly is.

After I finish the last pirate story in this series, I'll be working on the third in the Dark Paradise series, a vampire trilogy about vampire hunters who must fight their attractions for vampires. The first two, DARK PARADISE and DARK SECRETS tell of the Stanislaus brothers and their attempt to capture wily vampires, one in Michigan, the other in Ireland and the beautiful women who claim their very souls. This third book, DARK SURRENDER is about their younger sister, MARISKA who is only a 100 year old virgin who's about to learn about wicked, handsome Vampires.

After these books, I'll be doing a trilogy called A SEASON OF WITCHES and another Scottish trilogy called SCOTTISH LOVE SONGS. By the way, my last Scottish trilogy, FROM THE SEA will be out in print soon. So there you are. You know what I'm doing a lot of and loving every minute of it. Happy Reading to you all.

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