Thursday, May 10, 2012

More Romance on the High Seas

Here is the picture of my fourth Pirate book, part of the Pirate Booty series from Resplendence Publishing..  Isn't it beautiful and I've seen the covers on the other two books and they are gorgeous as well!  I'm so excited about them.  People are going to just be blown away by the vibrant colors and beautiful characters and they'll want to buy my book right away and hopefully they'll love my handsome heroes and beautiful, courageous heroines.

In THE BLACK PIRATE, Mary Cormack is caught in a storm and nearly drowns until rescued by an American Pirate, Captain Caleb Howard, sailing under the auspices of Benjamin Franklin and the new American government trying to free their sailors held in British prisons.  Caught up in the danger and intrigue, Mary can't resist the handsome captain while Caleb falls for the feisty Irish lass.. They throw away all restraints and fight for their passion.

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