Thursday, May 10, 2012

More Gorgeous Covers

Didn't I tell you these were gorgeous covers?  I love the colors, love the heroes and heroines and I hope you all love the story.  They were such great fun to write.

THE PIRATE PRINCE is about and Indian Prince, Rajak, whose brother has taken his throne and tried to kill him.  In retaliation Rajack turns pirate and takes back as much of the fabulous wealth of the Peacock Throne as he can.  He also takes his brother's bride to be, Azare.  He hadn't planned to fall in love with her, but the gods had other plans.

Azare must decide where her fate will lie, as second wife to an unscrupulous man or as the wife of Rajak.  Passion-filled, tropical nights on the Indian Ocean and on the island of Madagascar bring her love and desire such as she's never known.  She ties her fate to Rajaks and together they claim their future.

A PIRATE'S KISS is probably my favorite.  Faith leaves behind her English family to go in search of her missionary father, but her ship is damaged in a storm, then pirates attack, then she's kidnapped by those very same pirates for the express purpose of servicing each and every one of them until the captain rescues her.  But who's going to rescue her from Hunter Reed?

Knowing that her life as a missionary will hold little in the way of love and sexual discoveries, Faith decides to offer herself to Hunter.  She didn't expect to fall in love with him.  He's a pirate or is he?  As she struggles to save Hunter from a hangman's rope, Faith learns new things about this enigmatic man, about herself and about the ways between a man and a woman.

It's so much fun to write dashing tales of pirates and innocent young heroines who are unafraid to let go of their old life to find fulfillment in the arms of a handsome hero.  Hope you enjoy it.

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