Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday night at dusk

It's the end of the week, a busy week and my grandson is busy watching Icarly. I think he's in love with her. He's only seven, but he's quite the lady's man. He always juggles a couple of girl friends. I know his bus driver and she keeps me posted.
My pal, my Shih tzu, Gizz is laying in his favorite spot at the foot of the twin bed in my office, looking out the window at the backyard which he guards zealously. My husband spent too much time and energy today cutting down an old wild Maple tree that he's been saying for thirty years, he's going to get rid of. Well now he's done it and I can't help remember that old Russian Classic written by ?, about the old man with an apple or cherry tree. He hated the tree and tried to cut it down but the tree's roots were too deep and hard for him, catching him in their evil clutches so the old man died. Anyway, that spindly, stubborn maple got its revenge because my dear husband is so sore, he can barely walk. Or it could just be that he didn't use common sense and stop and rest, leaving some to do the next day.
Anyway, this entry is suppose to be about me. I guess the people above are as much about me as anyone could get. I've spent a lot of years with that stubborn man and love him dearly and my terrific grandson is a delight to me. Soon, he'll leave iCarly behind and come snuggle up on my king size bed and we'll read books and talk and giggle and tickle, just like I did with his mom. We'll say prayers together and grow sleepy talking about the day's events.
But there is more to me than just my family, although they are the most important part. There's a side of me who likes to paint and write and sing and sew and whatever strikes my fancy! So I want to talk about my writing. I've written and had published 20 historicals, americana westerns, big contemporaries and a mystery. I took a hiatus from writing for a while and now have started up again. Currently I have four books out with e-books. They're fun to write, contemporary, and sexy. They're mostly mysteries because that's what I like to read and write. I'm also working on a Scottish Historical for the main market. I've been writing for 20 years and enjoyed a steady career until health made me take a break! But I'm back now and having a ball! You can take that however you wish since I'm currently writing erotica! That's enough about me for now!!

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