Sunday, March 28, 2010

Silly Sunday

Wow, I woke up grouchy this morning and still am frowning. I think my face froze that way. Everything that anyone said today made me even grumpier. I managed to keep my mouth shut and not blurt out what I was really thinking and this was at church. At one point, I said a little prayer to God, Put a guard over my mouth. It hasn't worked so far. I've been ranting and raving about people all day long.

Well, I'm going to not think about any of that. I'll think about it tomorrow!! Now what famous southern miss said that?

I'm going to write about my books. I have four out to e-publishers. One is a vampire book. A beautiful, but dowdy librarian is bitten by a vampire and saved just in the nick by a vampire hunter with a special potion But as the vampire venom wages a battle within her body with the Holy Potion, she undergoes drastic changes. She becomes a hot, sexy babe with a taste for stilettos, sexy lingerie and grade A blood, in a plastic bag, if you please. She also develops the hots for a Romanian Vampire Killer and together they wipe out a bunch of the nasties while doing the nasty themselves.

Dirty Little Secrets is the name of my second book and it's about Billie Stone, a con artist who's made her first million and is working on her second when she sees something she shouldn't have, a murder! Now she has the mob. a sexy Detroit bunco squad detective and a rookie police officer after her. But Billie is hard to catch and she has no hesitation to blow up a police car and a gangland's bada bing place of business, or be partner to stealing a brand new Porche from the Detroit Auto Show among other outrageous antics.

The Bliss Shop is the creation of Bliss Maxine Donovan and she doesn't take kindly to having a beautiful prostitute killed in her changing room or to being blamed for the murder. Despite her mistrust of lawyers, she hires a sharp criminal attorney, Sam Tucker and together they set out to find the real killer and in so doing find a little bliss for themselves

I love a good pirate story!!! The first book I ever wrote was a pirate story. This one is about Nellie Bouchard, the daughter of a famous pirate, Black Jack Bartlet who was hanged for his shenanigans. Raised among pirates, Nellie knows how to handle herself with a motley crew. She captains her own ship but knows nothing of the way between men and women. When they capture an English Frigate she meets a handsome Englishman who's all too ready to remedy that situation.

There, I feel better writing about adventure and romance! Hope to hear something soon from my publishers and find that I've sold one or two of my little stories. I'll keep you posted.

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