Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Growing in New Directions

So here I am, the second day of blogdom and I managed to get on with only one call for help. This is almost like journaling except I'm ever aware that people can read what I write. So what wisdom should I impart on my blog, what funny nonsense should I utter to make you come back for more? What innermost feelings must I guard?
I guess I'll just tell you a little bit about myself. I live on a lake and the summers are great fun. Winters are not bad either because we cozy in and don't have much in the way of company. We let the house go and instead of dusting read a good book. I like mysteries by the way and of course, romance. I bake more in the winter time. This year I did a marathon on bread baking until my bread machine broke and now I use my dough hook on my mixer, but not as frequently. I love cooking and the food TV network is my favorite channel. That and Desperate Housewives. Even my husband gets caught up in their antics. Of course, he used to love to watch Sex in the City as well. He was surprised at what women think about a lot of things and how sexual we really are. He's from the old fashioned school of thought. But I digress.
In the winter time, I take up a lot of hobbies besides cooking. This year I went back to an old love, painting, which has enriched my life so much. Met two wonderful ladies there and of course our instructor Bob who is a love with sagging jowls and a beautific smile. He never criticizes but gives you great advice on how to make your painting better, but you have to ask. And I guess that's true in so many things in life. We have to ask. We have to take an active passionate approach to everything we do. We have to look at our life, recognize the value of it and look to see how we can make it better and we have to not be afraid to ask. I think that must be my pearl of wisdom for this posting. That we reach out to those around us, to life itself. We have to connect and not be afraid to offer our own passions whatever they are. Sure, we risk failure and rejection, but that's just a part of the whole process. On the other hand we might be successful, then what joy!! We just never know if we don't risk it.

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