Monday, March 15, 2010

Getting Started in Many Things

Well, I decided I'd join the cyber world in the 21st Century, so here I am with my first blog. Don't what I'm doing yet, but I'm trying. I promise to be funny and interesting and scintillating and whatever else. For now I'm just trying it out, sort of like 'testing 1-2-3. In the future I'll tell you what my family is like, there's a bag of dsyfunctia and brainless humor, but I like each and every one of them from my little Shih Tzu who likes to gnaw on everyone's feet or a little granddaughter of 16 months who thinks she's at least 7 years old or a 7 year grandson who's gifted and funny and thinks he's 21. Anyway, I'll tell you about me because that's the subject I know most about and find most fascinating!! I'll also tell you about my writing career, my progress with learning to paint and my thoughts on many subjects. Be forewarned, I'm an opinionated lady.