Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Titillating Tuesday

That's an appropriate title since I am working on a new book. Don't have a name yet, it's my attempt at Steampunk as in League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Lots of research required, but I'm enjoying the possibilities. Rhianna is a witch and her father, a well known alchemist, has been kidnapped. Now someone is trying to kidnap her, but Maximillian Spencer is on the job!! In more ways than one.

I love writing, but I've developed a new passion. Painting. I'm trying to learn to do portraits. Did a pretty good job on a portrait of my grandson. The sun is shining today with the promise of 80 degree weather!! What more can we ask for? I'm going to clean my bathrooms and get out my summer clothes, then I'm going to paint!! Sounds like a fun day to me!

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