Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hard Night's Day

The edits are coming in for my book with Ellora's Cave called DIRTY LITTLE SECRETS and it has been an amazing experience, simply because of the scope and volume of their editing technique. I think my work is not that big of a problem, it's learning to use their system. They've sent me a couple of hundred pages of material I should know on how to go about this.

I always bragged I was a computer illiterate, but I'm doing a bragging of a different sort after today. I'm going to be very savvy when I finish with this. My editor did tell me to send in the manuscript THE BLISS SHOP, so when I finish all this other stuff, I'm going to do this. Amazing.

I've always told young writers, Your problems aren't ended just because you get published, that's when they really begin! Am I complaining? Not one bit. I'm happy to have reached this destination.

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