Saturday, April 10, 2010

Good Times Keep Coming!!

Second Saturdays are always special to me. That's the day our writing group meets at a restaurant in Grand Ville. We share news about each other, the market, writing and anything else we think needs to be said.

This time when I walked in, everyone congratulated me, cool people. Then Michele called me over and informed me Resplendence wants to buy the second book in my Pirate Series. Wow! I was just kind of numb and said, Oh, okay. As if it happened every day! I keep telling myself, put your feet on the ground and start thinking of the work needed to produce a marketable product, but it's not a daunting thought at all. Writing is fun! I like doing it! I like that other people like when I'm doing it!!!

So I go to bed tonight with a smile on my face. It's good to be back in the game. Except that the rules are different now and I have to play catch up to a totally different approach, except that it starts in the same way as before. It starts with writing a book that someone wants to buy, then helping to put the word out there so other people will want to read it. It's a tough market with a lot of people out there trying to make money with their writing. Competition is tough, but part of the fun, if you're winning! I'm starting out with realistic expectations, so anything above that will be a wonderful surprise.

So, I'll just tell any one of the hundreds of people who sign on to my blog every day who marvel at my witticisms and intelligence, My first book will be out July 20, 2010. I'll get the pub dates to you on the others as quickly as I can. It's going to be a busy summer!!

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