Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Terrific Tuesday

Today I signed my contract with Ellora's Cave for DIRTY LITTLE SECRETS. I'm so glad this book sold. Billie is one of my favorite characters. She's tough and resilient and smart. She doesn't whine or cry, she just gets busy and figures out solutions to her problems.

That's a great attitude especially when you have members of the Detroit mob after you and you're giving in to some heavy duty sexual attraction to a good looking, street smart Detroit Homicide cop. Whether she's conning someone out of thousands, dodging bullets, blowing up cop cars, fighting off the Hounds of Baskerville or finding out the Dirty Little Secrets of state politicians, Billie does it with panache and her own brand of class.

The second reason Tuesday was so terrific, I had a beautiful little 18 month old visiting me today. She fell asleep in my lap and I got to kiss and kiss on her. Tuesdays are good!

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