Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Rainy Tuesday

It's dark and gloomy outside, but I don't care. I'm reading Brynn Paulin's Two Plus One and it is sizzling hot! Holy Cow! Never thought I'd consider being the filling in a great big old sandwich but she makes it sound very interesting.

I'm almost glad for the coming storm and the predicted rain. I won't have to go out and rake. I can stay inside and write on my own sexy stuff. I just finished the first chapter and the characters are coming alive for me. The hero, Black Hawk is an embittered Scottish Lord who's had his family fortunes taken away from him and has lost his young bride who betrayed him in the first place. So he's turned to piracy to destroy his enemy and regain his fortune.

The heroine is a young French woman, Abella Roche, sailing to Spain to marry the English Ambassador, Burgess Lindleigh, Black Hawk's sworn enemy. Black Hawk plans to take his revenge on the poor girl and I can hardly wait for the next chapter to see exactly what he has in mind. Well, I know what he has in mind, but sometimes when you're writing a scene, your characters take over and behave their own way. Though Abella is a dainty, French mademoiselle, all curls and lace, she packs a mean punch. She's already given the hero a bloody nose and caused him to fall flat on his ass, now she's scheming as to how she can get herself and her maid free of this man.

Black Hawk doesn't trust women anymore and I don't think Abella will make it any easier for him!! Fun to write!

Anyway, that's my agenda for this gloomy Tuesday. I just hope there's not a lot of lightning so I have to turn off my computer. Of course my laptop is on a battery. Hey, I'm good to go.

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