Monday, April 5, 2010

Morning After

Well, boys and girls, it's the morning after our BIG Easter week-end. I'm soooo tired. Ate too much, went to a lot of church and had lots of company and now things are back to normal. Got my kitchen back in shape, my house in order, a load of wash in, edited a first chapter and sent it off to an editor/friend who wanted to see it and even made my paint class and was very pleased with my painting this week!! Super Woman, here I am.

My goals for this week are to go back on a diet, write three chapters on my latest writing project, get out my summer clothes and get my flower beds raked. I have flowers pushing up through the leaves I didn't get raked up last fall. Spring is such a super time, but there are just too many chores to do, especially when you live on a lake.

I think another reason I feel so good is that I just found out one of our neighbors, a horrible man and wife, are moving back to Chicago. Yay! Chicago can have you!!! So life looks great as we move into summer. I hope it's the same for all of you as well. Have a magnificent Monday and good whatever you're doing!!

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